Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about us…

Peter Wu says:
Thank you so much for getting the amazing result for me. Many thanks in advance to you and your team for the hard work and support.

Past Tenant – Portico says: I’ve spoken to others that rent in Australia and not one person receives the service that Rohan provides for us. He always has a smile on his face, and I’ve never felt there was a time where I couldn’t contact him. I love the fact that it doesn’t have to be so formal. It’s like emailing someone that we’ve known for years. Customer satisfaction is very important to me, I believe we are very lucky to have Rohan as our agent. It’s great to have someone willing to go the extra mile for both the owners and the tenants.

Aaron Christie-David says: Thanks very much for your prompt response Nicholas and Rohan..Always a pleasure to deal with Lifestyle and you guys set the standard for property management.

Suresh Soppa says: Once again, thank you… must I say it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Sharra says: Thanks so much. You guys are truly on top of things. Highly appreciate your team especially Jessica you are lucky to have. She is a true gem. Very precise.

Ada Lui says: It’s always a pleasure dealing with you

Tony Chun Kit Lee says: Thanks Rohan for your prompt response. You certainly live up with your motto Assuring you professional service at all times.

Suzanne says: we are always very happy with your service.

Savannah Levy says: You’ve all been incredibly professional and absolutely phenomenal to rent with over the last couple of years.

Mark Sheehan says: Thank you and the Lifestyle Property team for your great service!

Tim Standen says: I have enjoyed immensely my lease at Harrington Street.. I have also been exceptionally well supported by your agency that, I feel, sets the benchmark of performance for executive-level property leasing – well done and thank you very much.

Ashling Wall says: We really appreciate all your hard work to get all the units leased. Also, thank you for assisting us to line up the trades. Geoff was brilliant and we were very happy with him.

Mark Yazbek says: Thanks again for everything you’ve been more than accommodating.

Jason Hair says: I have to say I have been super happy with you as an agency and also your fees are so reasonable. Thank you to you and your team for your super work and effort.

Sarah Mullan says: Thank you Peyton, I appreciate how efficient Lifestyle Property has been in finding a new tenant.

Tim Waugh says: Hey Peyton,I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with this rental. You have been so professional a real help for me.

Sharrukina Rostamy says: Rohan, you are amazing. Thank you so much.

Henny Purnawidjaja says: Rohan, Thank you so much. I am really, really pleased with your team. You have done extremely well. I will highly recommend you to my husband and my boss for their investment property. I am grateful that you were recommended you to me. Thank you so much for assisting me.

Vera and Olga Zenchenko say: Thank you for your great work in arranging the paperwork in such a prompt manner! We can’t wait to move in to this beautiful apartment.

Ms Yu says: Rohan, I am totally impressed by how efficient you have been and it is amazing how quickly you have found a tenant for my new place (even before the place was settled)! Thank you for your patience answering my phone calls all the time and getting back to my emails within one business day, this is greatly appreciated. You have made my life extremely easy and I often forget about the existence of this property!

Judy Roberts says: A short note of appreciation for the excellent service that you have provided us with the leasing of our city apartment. You have been proactive in finding a suitable tenant and exceeded our expectations with the start date of the lease i.e. no vacant days and even no advertising required! Thanks again for your professional approach and we look forward to your continued support over the term of the tenancy.

Oliver Harper says: Rohan, Just a quick one to say you have been fantastic throughout this whole process. Thanks very much for all your help.

Mandy Holland says: I must say that I am very impressed with your company and your team.  The service has been prompt, efficient and all the team have been exceptionally courteous.

Uri Shariev says: Rohan, your service as a Real Estate has been nothing short of fantastic.

Sandy Sherrah says: Thanks to everyone for all the help & getting settled into Sydney.

Tina Eason says: Thank you so much Jess… for being so professional and efficient. It has been a very pleasant experience for me.

Brendan Fletcher says: You are an absolute legend Rohan and a total professional. Many thanks.

Tina Eason says: Peyton, thank you so much for being so professional and efficient. It has been a very pleasant experience for me!

Tania Rice-Brading says: Rohan, I knew he was in safe hands when I saw it was you and your agency. After ten years of relocations, you tend to know who you can send a client to unaccompanied!

Sophie, Highgate Owner says: Thank you so much for all of your care for this unit. I am very grateful for your professional management!

Max & Ola Becker says: Myself and Ola are very sad to be leaving and it’s been fantastic dealing with you and the team at Lifestyle since you took over the management of the property. You’ve always been professional and responsive with whatever we’ve needed and it’s made life easier for us as tenants!.

Kathryn & Mark says: We have been dealing with one of your team, – Peyton. We just wanted to acknowledge how professional, efficient and charming she has been. Time has been of the essence for us and she has responded incredibly sensitively. We could not have hoped for a more efficient representative, so a huge well done to her.

Portico Owner says: Lovely. Thank you so much. You are seriously the best agent anyone could have asked for. What a blessing to have you Rohan.

Tatiana Rossi says: Such a relief!!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your work, you kept your word and delivered as promised. Thank you, I can not express how grateful I am that you performed in such a short period of time. Fantastic job, truly amazing. Thank you.

Freya Lombardi says: Thank you! It’s great to have my Darlinghurst apartment leased and looked after by you and the Lifestyle Agency team.

Daniel & Yolanda Waldman says: We have indeed been very happy with Rohan managing our apartment and on our return we found it in immaculate well looked after state – we definitely would use your services again, no doubt, next time when opportunity arrives. Thank you again for your help and being always very attentive.

Natalie Lagana says: Thank you Rohan, it was good to meet you too and I know we have definitely made the right choice of managing agent.

Ashley Bagnat says: Rohan, I would also like to thank you for your time today, I appreciate your friendly and welcoming attitude. I have meet a lot of agents before and I must say you take the cake ( It’s always nice when someone lets you know they appreciate you) so thank you.

Patrick Flanagan says: Rohan, Thanks for the update. It is a pleasant (and welcome) surprise to be kept up to date on what is happening. We should have moved across to Lifestyle sooner!

Anna & Tim says: Dear Rohan, We are writing to say thank you and also to express how much we appreciate having you as our agent. You did an excellent job in finding us a suitable tenant and we really value all the work, time and the tireless efforts that you have spent. You have been very professional and helpful throughout all of our dealings and your timeliness in providing us with regular updates after every potential tenant’s inspection was also exceptional. Your genuine nature and willingness to offer assistance is the very reason why we chose to deal with you and refer your services to our friends and family. We look forward to our continued relationship with you long into the future. Thank you again so much.

Bruno Nesci says: Dear Rohan, Robyn and I want to thank you for your professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail and courteous manner. I will make every attempt to direct business your way. Regards and thanks again

Carl Tuhtan says: Rohan is the consummate professional driven by urgency and commercialism. He is an league of his own. Highly recommended anyone interested in have their property/s managed ring this guy.

David Allen says: I’ve been dealing with a lot of agents lately and you still blow every single one I’ve encountered out of the water. I have no idea how so many people can be unprofessional in real estate.

Helen Wiryadinata says: Thank you Rohan! Loving your excellent management.

Sharrukina Rostamy says: Rohan you are very successful because you are amazing at your job. Always appreciate your work for me

James Deane says: Thank you for all your assistance over the past year. It has been a pleasure dealing with you (Rohan) and Peyton

Mushtaq Malik says: Hi Rohan, Please accept my appreciation for organizing inspection of my apartment last Saturday. Peyton was punctual, very professional and needs to be commended. Tenants are fabulous. Many thanks

Fiona Godfrey says: Dear Peyton, I also wanted to let you know that you have been a delight to work with and very professional. Thank you

Liane Shatrov says: We have been really happy with working with you (Rohan). As we are intending on buying more property investments, we were looking for a proficient, hard working and reliable agent and we have been really pleased with working with you so far. Thanks again.

Angus & Glen says: Rohan, you have more than exceeded our expectations to date

Mathew Lloyd says: Rohan, Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance with my investment properties, I rate you higher than other agencies such as Ray White, Lj Hooker and Colliers alike.

Bill Edmonds says: Many thanks Rohan it has been a pleasure dealing with you. You make everything easy and you are always available to assist when and where required.

Stephanie Barnett says: Rohan, you made our lives super easy so I was more than happy to recommend you.

Claire Montgomery says: Rohan, I can’t tell you impressed Kort and I are by your and Toni’s incredible service and attention to detail. We recommended you to two other residents in Carisbrooke recently when they asked us who was managing Unit 28. You make everything so easy and follow up so quickly. You are ‘amazeballs’, as they say in the Classics.

Kevin Chan says: Thank you very much for all your professional service and assistance in this settlement. Great job everyone!

Jeff Ng and Fiona Smith Ng say: Joseph, thank you and Rohan for all your assistance in both the sale of the apartment, and for a couple of years of seamless property management – just brilliant!

Marilyn Livesley says: Rohan has consistently provided a superb service when managing my investment properties. He is always one step ahead, anticipating what is required in a timely manner, which results in me being able to offer first class rental premises to corporate organisations at a standard they would expect. On a personal level, Rohan is an excellent communicator, highly efficient and organised, and completely trustworthy. Property investment can be stressful, but this is eliminated with a property manager like Rohan.

Matthew Elton says: We’ve never leased out a property in Oz before and the way that you do things is slightly different to what we have encountered in other countries. Huge congratulations to you guys on getting this closed out. It was a real test to entrust this all to you and to step back, but you have done a great job.

Chris Black says: Rohan, your professionalism and attention to detail ensured there was a ‘back up plan’ that ended up with a better result than the original prospective tenant. All this in less than two weeks! Our expectations for our ensuing relationship are now sky-high, but my partner and I have every faith in you delivering in the same manner as you have to date. The pressure is now on us to keep our side of things just as efficient and professional!

Therese Manion says: If you’re looking for a stylish professional and knowledgeable agent then always choose Carlie Ziri or her team, she always delivers.

Rafiul Haque says: Hi Rohan, Thanks for the email mate. Happy it was a good result both for the vendor and the tenants. Luis speaks very highly of you all the time and I now know why! It was a very pleasant experience and I hope to refer more clients to you and Lifestyle Property!

Geen Koo says: Rohan, Many thanks for all of your efforts, You are the best agent in town!

Ruairí ó Laoire says: Thanks Rohan. I have to say, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you – easily the most efficient and responsive agent I’ve ever encountered in Sydney.

Senthil Supramaniam says: Rohan always a pleasure and you are a true professional.

Romina Mulham says: Carlie, Thanks so much and we are very happy with the result. Thanks so much for your communication with us throughout and we really appreciate your hard work and support..

Neelesh Mehta says: The experience in dealing with Rohan has been simply fantastic.

Victoria Tower Vendor says: We tried for over 4 years to achieve an above average price for our property in Castlereagh St, Sydney, we had 3 agents all try and within 3 weeks of Rohan having it listed he achieved exactly want we wanted which was $50,000 more than last sale, his dedication, negotiation skills and positive manner makes him one of the best inner city agents I have come across.

Richard Holstien says: Hi Rohan, Thanks for the email. Thanks for all your help. You are the best. When we get another property in the Sydney area I will give you a shout.

Daniel Wells says: Carlie’s knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism always shines through to her team, Lifestyle is an agency I would highly recommend if you want an amazing result.

Yuka Nishiyama says: Rohan is one of the best property managers in Sydney.

Susan Asghori says: Carlie was able to continue negotiations after a bank valuation came in at over $100K less than our expectations, absolutely pleased with the outcome and I would recommend you to just about anyone anytime. Your professionalism, your efforts, and your upfront, honest approach has won me over, So thank you Thomas!

Paul Wesley says: Rohan managed a number of executive leasing properties in the Sydney CBD for our organisation. He is always conducts himself in a professional manner and achieves great rental results, quality tenants with minimal vacancy. His expert market knowledge translates to great results for all involved.

Highgate Vendor says: There is no other agent that understands Kent Street like Annette, her quiet approach saved us investing in a huge marketing campaign and we achieved a record price for our property, would only ever recommend Annette Morris for any property in Kent Street, Sydney.

Adam James McCormack says: Rohan, I must say it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for getting everything through so promptly.

George Tsiliris says: Rohan, Thank you so much for your professional and courteous approach, it was as we said, very refreshing and very much appreciated. We will definitely bookmark you for future reference. Thanks again.

Lynette Ainsworth says: I have been lucky enough to have used Carlie’s services for over 15 years, I have sold and purchased over 8 properties during this period and she manages to exceed my expectations every time, I was so happy when she launched Lifestyle Property, and would recommend anyone in her team.

Alan Cavenagh says: Rohan is a very competent real estate agent. He works well with his clients, looks after their interests and follows up on issues. I have been very happy with the service he has provided for 3 of our properties.

David Steen says: I will always recommend Ms Annette Morris, she is the best agent in town

Nadusa Thongchua says: Thanks so much for all your help. I have lived in many rental properties throughout my life and you are a stand out real estate agent. So efficient, knowledgeable and direct. Thanks for that. Alex and I both appreciate it.

Rob Willet says: We were lucky enough to work with Rohan for the first time, at a time when we were in dire need of a professional manager for one of the properties. Rohan’s hands-on approach, his professional manner, his local area knowledge of the property market would have to be up there with the best I have experienced in my substantial dealings with property managers. I could not recommend Rohan highly enough.

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